About Us

Genvia is a Clean Hydrogen Technology Venture created to enable individual organisations, industries and nations to meet their goals for decarbonization by accelerating affordable clean hydrogen production, energy storage and fuel applications at scale.

By providing cost-effective access to high-performance electrolyser and fuel cell technologies, Genvia will support heavy industry to decarbonise processes and achieve emissions targets. Genvia also enables energy providers to offer decarbonised electricity to consumers where and when they need it.

The result of 15 years’ research and development, Genvia’s high-performance electrolyser and fuel cell systems are based on a proprietary solid oxide technology that offers improved efficiency, process reversibility and fuel versatility over competing approaches.

The company represents a unique combination of French science and global engineering, and benefits from the strength of a group of partner companies that include the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Schlumberger New Energy, VINCI Construction, Vicat Group and the Occitanie Region.

Genvia has a clear roadmap of ambitious milestones for the development and industrialization of its solid oxide technologies, and will provide innovative early solutions aligned with the growth of the hydrogen economy.

This roadmap sees Genvia create strategic alliances in different sectors, together with the building of a giga factory expected to open in 2025. The factory provides production capacity to meet the gigawatt demand for electrolysers and fuel cells which is anticipated to accelerate through 2030 and beyond.