We are delighted that Genvia, as part of the Hy2Tech Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI), will be supported by France 2030 to accelerate the development of ground-breaking electrolyser technology for industrial decarbonisation.

FRANCE, 28 September 2022 — Genvia, clean hydrogen technology company, has been successful in securing French public funding for its ambitious programme to develop and industrialise high-performance electrolyser technology.

The funding announced today by France 2030 will enable bold acceleration of the time to market of this key decarbonisation technology so keenly awaited by heavy industries looking for viable alternatives to decarbonise their production.

Genvia’s IPCEI-Hy2Tech project, supported by France 2030, will develop a new generation of electrolyser to produce clean hydrogen.  The technology aims to achieve the highest level of electrical efficiency by boosting the electrolyser with the thermal energy of waste industrial heat. This will significantly reduce the electricity consumption required per kilogram of hydrogen produced making it possible to produce carbon-free hydrogen at an affordable price and expand its use in industrial decarbonisation and other applications.

The project will scale up the manufacture of these thermally-boosted electrolysers at Genvia’s factory, located in Béziers, in the Occitanie Region of France. Genvia’s Technology Transfer Centre based at CEA-Grenoble will help ensure that cutting-edge scientific understanding is leveraged in the design.

Florence CEO of Genvia ‘ We are delighted to see the support announced by the French government today for Genvia’s ground-breaking technology. We strongly believe that decarbonisation of even the hardest-to-abate sectors is possible and affordable with investment in new technology research and scale-up. We are grateful to our shareholders Schlumberger, CEA, Vinci, Vicat and the Occitanie Region with whom we are demonstrating that strong public/private partnerships can create a world-leading hydrogen sector in France based on engineering and scientific excellence.’