Genvia’s manufacturing pilot line is up and running in Béziers, in the Occitanie Region of France. This a key milestone in the development of Genvia’s ground-breaking electrolyser technology for industrial decarbonisation.

FRANCE, 8 June 2023 — Genvia, the clean hydrogen technology company, inaugurates a manufacturing pilot line for its high-performance electrolyser technology.

The inauguration today of the stack pilot line in Béziers will enable Genvia to accelerate production of electrolysers for internal testing before delivering its first demonstration system to partner ArcelorMittal in 2025. At full capacity the pilot line will be able to manufacture electrolysers producing over 6500 tons of Hydrogen per year.  The pilot line will help accelerate the time to market of this key decarbonisation technology so keenly awaited by heavy industries looking for viable alternatives to decarbonise their production.

Genvia is part of the Hy2Tech Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI), supported by France 2030 to will develop a new generation of electrolyser to produce clean hydrogen. The technology aims to achieve the highest level of electrical efficiency by boosting the electrolyser with the thermal energy of waste industrial heat. This will significantly reduce the electricity consumption required per kilogram of hydrogen produced making it possible to produce carbon-free hydrogen at an affordable price and expand its use in industrial decarbonisation and other applications.

Florence CEO of Genvia ‘ This is a proud moment for Genvia as we start manufacturing electrolyser stacks in our new pilot line in Béziers.  Reaching this milestone in just over two years from establishing the company is testament to the hard work and technical prowess of the Genvia team as well as the unwavering support we have had from our shareholders Schlumberger, CEA, Vinci, Vicat and the Occitanie Region.  We are delighted that we have been able to confirm today our partnership with ArcelorMittal to deliver our first demonstration system to their rolling mill in St-Chely d’Apcher in France. We strongly believe that decarbonisation of even the hardest-to-abate sectors is possible and affordable with investment in new technology research and scale-up.’

Eric Niedziela, Vice President Climate Change ArcelorMittal Europe. ‘With the Genvia demonstrator, we will explore together methods of producing low-carbon hydrogen, thereby limiting CO2 emissions at our finishing sites. By reusing the heat generated by the plant’s production process, this demonstrator is also a new example of our circular economy dynamic. ArcelorMittal is making progress with Genvia’s help on decarbonisation solutions, and this project allows us to take another step towards achieving our objectives: -35% reduction in CO2 emissions intensity in 2030 in Europe, and carbon neutrality in 2050.

Genvia stack pilot line up and running.